Granite Workshop September 26 - Benefits Beyond Insurance

You are invited to attend Granite's Upcoming Compliance Workshop:

Benefits Beyond Insurance -

The Importance of Offering a Complete Benefits Program vs.

Insurance Coverage & Expensive Co-Payments

Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Time: 12-1 PM PST


Granite Insurance Brokerage

6600 Koll Center Parkway Suite #100 Pleasanton, CA 94566

Lunch Included - "Taste of Italy"

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(Seating is Limited)

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Workshop Description:

Your Benefits Program works best when it includes much more than just insurance plans with big co-pays and out of pocket deductibles – including offerings that go above and beyond insurance.

In this workshop, the Granite Employee Benefits Team will cover:

  • Statistics from California employees on the importance of a comprehensive healthcare program, including offering more than just insurance coverage

  • How to engage your employees so that they value their benefits program during open enrollment (and 24/7) through education, additional offerings and technology

  • Maxwell Health, simplifying the administration of your benefits, compliance deliverables and HR, so you can focus on your people

  • What are the optional benefits that are free to employers and will increase the level of value within your benefits program; Umergency, Pet Insurance, Supplemental Benefits, Identity Theft Protection, Granite Perks Program, and more

  • Saving your employees money and time via education: Statistics regarding Tele-Health and accessing healthcare beyond the in-office doctor and emergency visits

  • Benefits Renewal Timeline, how to be on track for the renewal of your benefits program

Workshop Leaders - Granite Employee Benefits Team:

At Team Granite, we understand that your Employee Benefits Program is one of your biggest costs and one of the largest priorities to get right. Simplicity, compliance, simple communication and open enrollments are a must.

At Granite, we’ve invested in best-in-class benefits administration software & services that’s mobile enabled, integrated with COBRA, and we also create customized employee benefits booklets for your company, because we know how important these services are to simplifying the process of administrating your employee benefits program.

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