Partner with E-COMP/Granite Insurance to Increase Your Payroll Revenue!

At E-COMP/Granite Insurance, we create Insurance Programs for Associations, Franchises and Groups that will:

  • Increase your payroll revenue by increasing your opportunity to access more clients that you have yet to receive an endorsement from.

  • Increase your payroll revenue through Program business, by offering a complete program that is effectively marketed.

  • Payroll + work comp = E-COMP.

  • Increase your payroll revenue by gaining new Endorsements from Franchises and Associations we target.

  • Increase your Client Retention by providing more services and prevent your clients from getting solicitations from ADP, Paychex and PEOs, which offer payroll + an insurance program.

How your current Payroll Clients that are Franchisors, Franchisees & Association Members will benefit:

  • Our Exclusive E-COMP Program provides the most competitive national pricing across the pay-go marketplace.

  • No Deposit and No Down Payment is required with E-COMP. Many of your payroll clients are currently paying a deposit of 10-25% of the total annual Workers' Comp insurance premium, and then go through the audit process. E-COMP removes these requirements, which gives them a Huge Cash Flow Advantage.

  • We’re an extension of your sales-team! The simple ease, quick turnaround time for quotes and excellent customer service our E-COMP program offers – we are the best pay-as-you-go solution in the country. We do the shopping of the marketplace for you and your clients, offering them the best service and pricing.

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