13 School Security Ideas You Can Implement Today

Active shooter situations are increasing, and now more than ever, having proactive systems in place is vital to everyone's safety. Here are 13 things you can do today to activate and improve the safety of our children while they are at school:

  1. Cover windows on doors in schools

  2. School safety plans should be updated by school officials in the first month of academic year and be sent to local law enforcement and fire agencies for review

  3. All classroom doors must remain locked at all times

  4. Implement a policy preventing visitor access to the interior of the campus while students are changing classes

  5. School staff should hold a mandatory safety meeting to discuss all emergency response procedures the week before the school year starts

  6. Within the first two weeks of the school year, schools should practice a lockdown drill (with SRO participation if available)

  7. All drill and emergency response information must be given to all substitutes

  8. Substitute teachers should have the same key access as regular teachers

  9. All staff and students should wear ID badges that include important safety information (i.e. an anonymous tip line or suicide hotline) on the back

  10. All visitors should have to enter the school front office/single point of entry and scan their IDs in a system supervised by trained school staff members

  11. Implement meaningful back to school communication now and over the summer to keep all stakeholders informed regarding safety/security improvements

  12. The safety/security policy sheet should be distributed to parents either before but no later than at the start of school so that they can review the expectations and plans, in general

  13. Consider Active Shooter Insurance Coverage for your school

There is no single solution to school safety that works for every campus, but these ideas are easily achievable that officials should at least consider them for their facilities.

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