AT NO COST: Paperless Open Enrollments, Mobile ID Cards & Automated Compliance

Go Paperless! Streamline Your Employee Benefits Administration AT NO COST.

Benefits enrollment and administrating paper documents have become complex with the rapid, always changing world of benefits administration. That's why we purchased Maxwell Health, the best-in-class platform back in 2014.This awesome technology allows you to streamline the administration of your employee benefits program, and the best part, we pay the bill.

At Granite, we’ve blended technology with custom services like our Employee Benefit Booklets, one-on-one enrollments, 5500 filings, and HR Hotlines to your very own Health Care Concierge and Teladoc services for your employees to utilize. We let you choose which broker services that are most important to you… because it’s up to us to deliver what you need the most.

Without Technology

  • Lots of Paper & Redundancies

  • Lots of Time Spent Onboarding

  • Missing ID Cards

  • Phone Calls and E-mails from HR to Remind Employees to Enroll and Complete Paperwork

  • Manual COBRA Process, Often Leading to Mistakes

  • Lengthy Paper Forms & Manual Processes

With Technology & Granite Broker Services

  • Paperless Enrollments

  • Automated Onboarding Process

  • Mobile App Enabled ID Cards

  • Automated Administrator and Employee Alerts, Plus an Intuitive, Engaging Benefits Portal

  • Automated COBRA & Compliance Delivery Process

  • Electronic Forms, Custom Reporting Tools and Dashboards

Whether you’re looking for improved communications with your staff, a paperless benefits enrollment/administration system, or an automated compliance delivery process, our extensive offering of broker services are available to you, courtesy of us.This means, as your benefits needs evolve, we evolve with you.

Are you ready to go paperless, mobile, & streamline everything that's benefits related? Check out the 4 minute demo for Maxwell now and contact us to learn more about Maxwell and how you can get this revolutionary HR and benefits technology platform!