8 Key Elements That Every Safety Program Should Include

The following are some key elements that every formal safety program should have:

1. Management Commitment: Management should create a culture that discourages unsafe conditions and behaviors. Management’s commitment is the first step to successful injury prevention.

2. Responsibility and Accountability: Responsibilities and expectations must be developed for top management, supervisory, and hourly employees. All employees must be held accountable for meeting the expectations of your safety program.

3. Safety Work Rules and Procedures: Safety rules and procedures should be developed and communicated to supervisors and employees so they will know their responsibilities. Rules must be enforced, and management and supervisors must be accountable for this enforcement. Employees should be held accountable for these rules.

4. New Employee Orientation: A new employee orientation program must be developed to provide new- hires with information about the work environment and their job safety responsibilities. This is the first training that a new employee will receive that demonstrates management’s commitment to injury prevention.

5. Employee Involvement: Employees should be involved in establishing safety rules and procedures. It is vital to program success that employees participate on the company’s safety committee.

6. Training and Safety Committees: Training is key for building and maintaining employee knowledge and awareness of injury prevention efforts. The employer must inform and train employees in a language they understand. Safety committees allow employees to be actively involved in this.

7. Accident Investigation: An accident investigation procedure should be developed to determine the cause of an accident. Emphasis should be placed on identifying and eliminating root causes to prevent future occurrences.

8. Documentation: All training activities and inspection reports must be documented. Records must be maintained in accordance with OSHA guidelines.