Granite's CompSolutions

Workers' Compensation Premium Reduction Program

We at Granite believe that control of your workers compensation costs are well within your reach.

We will educate you about the typical and costly mistakes that are often made in favor of the insurance company.  We will analyze, scrutinize and turn the process upside down.

The institute of WorkComp Advisors studied how to catch these mistakes and implement the strategies needed for a loss-free workplace.  Then, the institute compiled a formal training program and certification process for professionals who specialized in worker’s compensation.

Working with the institute, Granite has consolidated the results and reduced it to a practical format, which is easily implemented, called CompSolutions.  The CompSolutions system addresses all aspects of managing, preventing and financing work comp injuries.

With implementation of The Institute of WorkComp Advisors and Comp Solutions, Granite will be able to strategize, implement…then control your insurance premiums. 

Take control with Granite’s CompSolutions.

Seven Proven Solutions

Granite’s CompSolutions outlines the 7 proven solutions to manage the audit process, eliminate mistakes and overcharges, reduce your risk of injury and injury cost, and create a loss free workplace strategy:

Solution One: Manage the Audit Process

Granite’s CompSolutions will assist you to build an “overcharge proof” audit package.  We will do this by providing you with a pre-audit package that includes the following details:

  • Assign Payroll to Appropriate Classification via utilization of Payroll Reports

  • Identify all Possible Excluded Payroll

  • Obtain Certificates for Exclusion of Sub-Contractors Payroll

  • Establish “Prevailing Wage Eligible” Payroll

  • Prepare Payroll Summary Spreadsheet by Classification

  • Audit Day – Take Control

Create a defensible position for your company before your audit. 

Solution Two: Experience Modification Analysis – Is it Correct?

Experience Modification factors are often wrong.  One out of every two businesses may be overcharged.  Almost all are mismanaged.

The Critical Mod Analysis Steps:

  •  Complete analysis of the WCIRB rating worksheets

  •  Eliminate duplicate entries

  •  Identify any missing payroll

  •  Follow up on all corrections

By demonstrating our expertise and guidance, errors can be corrected for current year and two previous years.

Solution Three: Claims Management

Workers' Compensation acts as a tax on workplace injuries.  Insurance Companies do not pay for employee injuries…employers do.

Claims cost escalate, because medical care is often misdirected or uncoordinated. 

  •  Early Reporting – Train Employees To Report Claims Immediately

  •  Clinic-Employer-Partnership

  •  Back on the Job Program and Coordination

  •  Utilization of Independent Nurse

  • Monitor Open Workers Compensation Claims

 A clear claims management program will lead your company to the primary resolution.

Solution Four: First Aid Claim Management

For California Businesses:

By paying for a first aid claim, you will save money on future insurance premiums over a three-year period.

  • First aid: “any one time treatment and any follow-up visit.”

  • By reporting first aid claims as “record only” you meet the obligation to report all injuries.

  • Your pre-designated clinic will determine a first aid claim.

The Impact of First Aid Claims On Premium

Annual Premium $200,000

By controlling first aid claims, you will reduce the additional premium your company pays over a 3-year period.

Solution Five: Corporate Culture

Injury problems begin at date of hire, not at time of claim.  By using critical hiring forms, you can help eliminate the cost of a bad hire.

The following forms are a few examples of what are available on our website for CompSolution clients.

  •  Conditional Offer of Employment

  •  Drug Free Workplace/Testing/Postings

  •  Post-Offer, Pre-Placement Medical Questionnaire

  •  Safety Checklist

  •  Hiring Checklist

  •  Employee Compliant Survey

  •  Employee Correction Form

  •  Pre-Termination Checklist

Hire smart instead of managing hard!

Solution Six: Employee Benefits

Healthy and happy employees are more productive, loyal – which result in a lower turnover and fewer injuries.

Through your personalized website: 

  •  Granite streamlines the entire process of your benefits program.

  •  Allow employees to manage their own benefits.

  •  Reduces overhead and time.

  •  Empowers your employee by providing accountability and knowledge.


Group medical, dental and vision. Retirement plans, key person life and disability programs.

Solution Seven: CompSolutions Program Agreement

You want to feel you made the best choice when it comes to purchasing insurance.

The service agreement outlines how they will be performed. 

Upon implementation of Granite’s CompSolutions program, we are requesting your renewal commitment in advance of the services we provide, due to the high costs of service this program has.

I encourage you to place your confidence and trust in Granite’s CompSolutions Program.