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 In 2011, Granite Insurance Brokers Owner and President, Shawn Edgington founded The Great American NO BULL Challenge501c3 organization to inspire social change  at the student level after a life altering experience involving her teenage daughter in high school. Shawn's daughter, Nicole Edgington, survived a devasting bullying episode on Facebook and by text. From this experience Shawn wrote a book for parents to better understand what can happen if parents fail to be pro-active. Through this process she realized is was not only parents that need change, but also students, which led her to establish the organization. 

Granite Insurance Brokers, since the inception of NO BULL has been dedicated and committed to social change through employee philanthropy, volunteering and education. Granite is dedicated to giving generously to NO BULL, believing that inspiring social change starts with students around the globe.  


WHO - The Great American NO BULL CHALLENGE is a leadership & social action organization. We use the power of filmmaking combined with social media to spread awareness and inspire change at the student level

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WHY - Student’s need to have a voice & be heard

  • Leadership
  • Social Activation
  • Digital Responsibility
  • Social Justice
  • Self-Reliance & Individualism

WHAT - Students from around the globe create short films or PSAs that inspire positive change on important issues like: Bulling, Violence, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Inequality, Suicide, Internet & Gaming Addiction, LGBT, Obesity/Body Image, Diversity and Conflict.

The NO BULL Challenge’s global video contest recognizes top filmmakers, and engages millions from around the world through social media reach.


                Our goal is to continuously expand both our social media presence as well as our physical presence where students congregate.  Video participants, selected national spokespersons, NO BULL's Ambassador, NO BULL Change Agents and our non-profit partners take the NO BULL message to various locations throughout the U.S.  From video showings to speaking engagements and educational workshops at schools events, our student-centric engagements are intended to produce the multiplier impact.

              Our comprehensive multi-prong strategy and approach of the video contest, together, with the NO BULL Academy, our call-to-action platform, and NO BULL's Student Internship Program create a powerful combination that's empowering students to change the world for the better.

             Contributions to the NO BULL Challenge support scholarships, student ambassadors/interns, education and social media campaigns. When you make a contribution to the NO BULL Challenge, you’re making an investment in students around the world in becoming Change Makers Reaching Millions.

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